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Jonah’s Song

Cardiphonia, a site for everyday worship leaders by everyday worship leaders, has put out several compilation albums with specific themes that are helpful to those of us who are always on the lookout for good song resources for our churches. Bruce Benedict is the visionary behind these albums and allowed me to submit a song for the most recent album: Canticles.

I have to admit, I didn’t know what a canticle was until I read about this project. A canticle is a song in scripture that is not in Psalms. Moses, Isaiah, Jonah, Habbakuk, Mary & Simeon all contribute their songs to the song of salvation heard throughout the whole of Scripture. I chose to craft a song around Jonah’s song in Jonah 2:2-9 (Listen to “Jonah’s Song”).

I can’t tell you how privileged I feel to have contributed to this album – each writer put their heart and souls into these songs, and the album, though recorded and mixed all over the nation, is remarkably cohesive.

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“Bad Blood”

I discovered Ryan O’Neal driving (“Sleeping at Last”) in the middle of the night over Monteagle on our way home from Christmas vacation last December. He is the best Christian-worldview lyricist I’ve ever heard. This song “Bad Blood” is an incredible word-picture of redemption off of his newest EP “Atlas: Darkness.” I get chills when I hear the first three notes of the song now that I know where it’s going.

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Songs for the Book of Luke

I’m very excited to finally be able to tell you that the Gospel Coalition is releasing the album “Songs for the Book of Luke” and that they included a song I submitted for the project called “Authority of Christ.”  The album is a compilation of songs submitted by worship leaders and pastors around the nation that are all inspired by the Gospel of Luke.  My friends David Ward and Eric Schumacher of (soon to be also have a song on the album called “Not in Me.”

You can hear a sample of the recording, see a couple of different ways to play the song, and download the chord chart there.  I’ll write more about the song and the writing process when it’s not the busiest week of the year!

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Songs for the Church Year

Screen Shot 2013-02-06 at 12.13.30 PM
Did you know that there are thousands and thousands of churches around the world whose weekly services include the exact same four scripture passages? Lectionary-based worship services rotate through large portions of the Old and New Testament in four years’ time. It’s a practice that I admire purely from the standpoint that the congregation is getting a comprehensive diet of the Word of God over the long haul.

Dennis Allen, a long-time song and musical writer here in Nashville, had a great idea: why not resource these churches with songs that are tightly based on each week’s four scripture passages? He and his wife Nan are beginning to do just that at And, beginning this Easter season, Dennis has asked me to join them!

Here are the songs for the Easter season (which, until I began working on this project, I did not know lasted until May 19!). I wrote the music for the following:

“Peace Be With You”
“The Lord Is My Shepherd”
“You Will Receive Power”
“Children of God”

You can listen to each of these here along with the rest of the songs for the Easter season. You can also order the demo, a track, the sheet music with copying permission and the Powerpoint file all in one package for any or all of the songs.

I think Dennis is on to something here – resourcing churches with a practical and worshipful way to help their people engage with scripture and commit it to memory as they study it each week together. And these songs are not just for lectionary-based services…each one can have its own life in the corporate worship of any church looking for scripture songs that are congregationally-friendly.

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“Songs of the Redeemed” Is Here!

Songs Redeemed Cover

I am very excited to announce the release of “Songs of the Redeemed.” Recorded live at Grace Community Church over two days in October of 2012, we released it Sunday during our 20-Year Anniversary Celebration. I’m extremely pleased with how it turned out – it truly captures the feel, energy and warmth of our congregational worship. It includes some familiar songs, some originals, and some hymns with fresh arrangements. All of the songs are meaningful to my home church and our corporate life.

Click here to read more, listen & download.

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Great Christian Artists, Part 2

So, maybe I have been under a rock here in Nashville, but I had never heard of Kate York before James Childs tweeted about her latest EP. So, because I trust James’ musical recommendations, I gave it a listen. When I find myself saying out loud how great a song is, I know it’s good!

I’ve listened through fully twice, so this may be a premature post – it’s possible that upon further listening the sheen will wear off. But these lyrics and melodies are beautifully written and many of them are well-suited to congregational worship with a folksy bent.

If you don’t have Spotify and can’t use the nifty player above, click here to view this album in iTunes.

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