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How Do I Become an Encourager?

Posted by on 9:48 am in Excellence, Leadership, Worship Team | 0 comments

We’ve all met them. We want to be around them. We feel better after we’ve been with them. I want to be one of them.

So, I’ve been asking myself for years: “How I can be a more encouraging person?” …

Don't Take Corporate Worship for Granted

Posted by on 10:17 am in Heart, International, Leading Worship, Outside Songs You Need to Hear, Worshipers | 2 comments

Last week, I got to hang with missionaries. I traveled overseas to lead a retreat for missionaries living in hard places. Some of them are seeing people turn to Jesus and churches begin. Others are working tirelessly to build relationships …

Do You Do Auditions for Your Worship Team?

Posted by on 10:01 am in Auditions, Leadership, Leading Worship, Practical, Worship Team | 2 comments

Yes, I do. I don’t call it that, but that’s basically what it is. Here’s how it goes:

1) Someone in the church let’s me know that they’re interested in serving on the worship team.

2) I send them a …